Thank you for viewing this website.  Masteller Special Materials Consulting, LLC was formed in 2009 to provide a source of technical expertise on some unique materials, most notably soft magnetic alloys such as nickel-irons (Permalloys), high magnetic saturation iron-cobalt alloys and various iron base alloys.  In addition to soft magnetic alloys, I offer consulting on controlled expansion and glass sealing alloys, thermocouple alloys, heating element alloys, precision resistance alloys and certain hard magnetic materials.

As materials producers have reduced or eliminated their technical staffs and universities have directed their research programs away from traditional special purpose materials, there are fewer sources of technical support available to the users of these materials.  The public technical literature is often woefully out of date, far too theoretical and of little real value to users of these materials who need practical guidance on how to select, fabricate and heat treat these materials.  This is where this consultancy can help.

The goal of this consultancy is to provide reliable, effective technical support.  Client confidentiality is very important to me, so you will not find a list of clients or testimonials on this website. I will not undertake any project where I am not sure that I can meet or exceed your expectations.